PVC Shrink Labels

PVC Shrink Label Rolls

Swati Polypack offers commercial-grade PVC Shrink Labels for diverse packaging needs. From food, pharmaceuticals, and electronics to electrical and FMCG products, our Shrink labels can meet a variety of packing needs. As a simple, cost-effective, and widely-used material, PVC offers perfect packaging opportunities. Our Shrink Films are available with the following specifications: 35mic, 30mic, and 40mic. The shrinkage ratio recorded in these machines is 3% to 5%, whereas the same ratio in the Transverse direction happens to be 50% to 55%. Other than superior-quality PVC Shrink Rolls, we also supply OPS and PET Shrink Labels. With distinctive specifications, these Shrink Rolls find application in diverse projects.

We use reliable and quality assured material to develop our PVC shrink labels. These labels are broadly used for various products including:

  • Cosmetics
  • Food
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Electrical
  • Electronics
  • FMCG label for FMCG product
  • many others

PVC is the simplest and cost-effective material to be controlled in the shrink process. Known to offer good scuff resistance, it is available in Pasteur sable & steam grades. Custom roll labels as per the specifications of sizes and microns, provided by our clients.

Specifications of Shrink Films

In shrink films, the machine direction symbolizes the shrinkage (lengthwise) and the transverse direction symbolizes the shrinkage (width-wise). Some of its specifications include:

  • 30 mic, 35 mic and 40 mic
  • Shrinkage ratio in Machine Direction is 3%-5%
  • Shrinkage ratio in in Transverse Direction is 50%-55%

In addition to the PVC Shrink Label Rolls , we also offer PET Shrink Labels and OPS Shrink Labels. These material are differentiated on shrink characteristics and hence are ideal for various applications.

PET Shrink Labels: – It offers the best scuff resistance and highest percentage of shrink. It is pasturisable and easily recyclable.

OPS Shrink Labels:
– This is a substrate which is more cost-effective than PET and offers lowest vertical shrinks & consistent finish. It is frequently used for “squeeze” containers.