Integral Safety Seals

 Integral Safety Seals

This is w wet type glue sealable liner. The cold adhesively sealing liner also has manufactures, but the most commonly used is

  • Backing or carrier material
  • Bonding layer
  • Aluminium Foil
  • Paper

The aluminium foil is extraction laminated or adhesively laminated to paper.

The process of application of this liner is:

Wet glue is applied on the mouth of the container.
The cap with the wad fitted by holding in place by reinforcing Crease is screwed on to the container.

The paper layer bonds permanently to the rim of the container after a time span. On opening the container the weak bonding layer releases the laminated and the carrier material, thus providing a hermetically sealed container and the carrier material remains in the cap as a secondary seal.

The option provided for structuring an integral safety seal are:
  • Carrier material: Board (Duplex – food grade pulp) / EPE.
  •  Sealing material: Aluminum / Polyester Polymer / Paper (poster / glassine)