Shrink Wrapping Machine – Shrink Tunnels

Shrink Packaging Machines – Shrink Wrapping Machine – Shrink Tunnels – Shrink Sleeve Wrapper Machine

Swati Polypack offers you the hard-wearing shrink wrapping machines which are well-programmed for organizing the bottles together. The tunnels, made by the Stainless mesh belt and high-density roller make it fast moving. If works more capably, when it gets allied with the sleeving machine with 1.0KW input power. The three phase input voltage helps the user to get the desirable result.

Multipack make Standard shrink wrapping machinery installations are our bread and butter and our reputation for these systems is well respected within the industry. The speciality of the company however, is in applying the latest technology and innovations to unusual and sometimes difficult packaging problems that arise due to the changing nature of today’s consumer market.

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