Induction Seal Liner Wads for Pharmaceutical, Chemical & Beverage

Induction Seal Liners, Wads By Product Being Packaged

From beverage and medicines to foodstuff, induction seal liners are used for a variety of projects. As one of the leading manufacturers of commercial-grade seal liners, Swati Polypack offers Induction Liners for Pet containers. Thickness of these liners range from 0.23mm to 0.95mm, and we also offer Clean-Peel Induction Seal Wads. High-resistance induction liners and barrier foils are also available. These foils are available with color-resistant layers and find perfect application in the packaging of chemicals. We also offer a variety of Induction Seal Liners for personal care items and beverages. With distinctive specifications, these products offer optimum functionality and performance.